Welcome to Detectorbits

The name says it all. This site is for detectorists looking for accessories and add-ons for their detectors and to make detecting easier and more fun.
We are sole Authorised distributors in Europe of the amazing RNB ML3100 Lithium-Ion Battery & charger packs. 35+ hours use from a 2 hour fast charge can't be bad. Fits all Minelab FBS Detectors.

We are sole Distributors around the world of our All new EASY SWING Bungee Harness. This is by far our most popular product that we sell.

Trade enquiries on the above two products are welcome.

From 1st August 2014 we are also sole UK distributors for the new Xpointer probe from Detecnix.

We are also agents for the complete range of Evolution stainless steel products including their River & Sea Scoops, Pro cut spades, digging knives and spades.

For Headphones we stock both GOG PHONES & CHEFPHONES made by expert Detectorists for detectorists.

Payments are possible by paypal or bank transfer and also by debit card. Please Email Tony at This is our PAYPAL address to make a payment its also our email for general enquiries. Please Telephone +44 (0)7968470494 or +44 (0) 07845610810 anytime and ask tony for details. These mobile numbers are always monitored by tony, either call or text but no voicemails please. If you do not get through please use +44 (0) 1202872069 we share this number with our main Plant Nursery business. Just ask for Detectorbits when calling. At busy times you may be diverted to one of our Mobile numbers anyway.
Anybody living overseas can simply email or call one of us and leave a short message requesting a call back to a phone number. I can call landlines and mobiles for free around the world using skype.
Our SKYPE username is tonyhunt1 If you prefer to use this.

The all new PI XPOINTER from Deteknix in 6 colours

The  all new Water resistant PI Xpointer from Deteknix.  Just beware it is only water resistant when washing down not fully  waterproof.



Please email or send a note  on paypal as to which colour you would like,


Comes complete with Belt Holster, Lanyard, Free 9v battery.
To find out more: All the info on the NEW PI Xpointer from Deteknix



Detectorbits all new EASY SWING Bungee Harness.    We are the sole distributors of  the new Easy Swing harness around the World, Trade enquiries welcome.

We have held the Price on our amazing new design EASY SWING Bungee Harness and as an added bonus we have thrown in a free extra Bungee elastic that you can attach to a spare detector. We have listened to what our customers have had to say about  earlier harness versions and have spent some time in making sure the new EASY SWING is even better and more comfortable to wear.

The main updates to the new Bungee are a 50% increase in the strength of the Bungee elastic which also comes with a metal easy open carabinare type clip instead of the old plastic dog clip.   The other main design change is in the totally re designed and longer neck/ shoulder  strap that has male and female Velcro along its entire length enabling the user to undo and adjust the webbing buckle with ease and then re sealing the velcro over the top of it.  The neck/ shoulder strap fixes permanently closer to the arm strap by means of another small velcro patch which stops it from slipping down like earlier versions could.   This neck / shoulder strap also has the added bonus of an extra 25% of padding built in which should please the people who like to detect in T shirts in the summer months alleviating possible neck chafing.

This is the new one size fits all EASY SWING  Bungee Harness from Detectorbits.  Re designed for maximum comfort, wearability and strength.   The EASY SWING provides the freedom and weightlessness that the user deserves to enjoy their hobby and above all to help alleviate the stresses and strains that can be brought on through using equipment like metal detectors for long periods of time.

The EASY SWING can be used  either right or left handed  and the length of the main webbing strap can be easily altered to fit everybody by adjusting one small buckle.   The EASY SWING can be worn over or under your outer clothing.   As a regular user of this Bungee I personally find it more comfortable to wear it under my outer clothing.   On a wet day I find the end of the strap lays out over the top of my coat zipper ready to attach my detector. The rest of the bungee stays under my coat and in the dry.

The EASY SWING was designed to work off the top of your shoulder and down near your detecting arm allowing you a full swing in an easy and natural motion.  When you have the length of the webbing adjusted properly the EASY SWING will allow you to detect all day with ease. Whatever make of detector you use you will experience a different type of detecting comfort. Your detector will effortlessly float over the surface of the ground where it needs to be.  If you are the type of user that likes to kneel down when extracting finds from the soil simply unclip the Bungee from your detector or slide it off your shoulder whilst digging then reattach when finished.    Personally I find it much simpler and quicker to stand  and then stoop with legs splayed whilst digging my finds.   The secret of doing it this way is to simply place one foot on the back edge of your coil which keeps your detector standing up at your side.   An added bonus to this way of retrieving finds is that your expensive detector stays out of the mud and wet, an added bonus If you are beach detecting especially.

The new EASY SWING Bungee Harness will bring the Joy back into your detecting and at the same time help protect against arm, wrist and shoulder fatigue and evils such as  tennis elbow.

Please click the buy it tab below that applies to the area you live

Please study the postal rates for the Bungee in quantity  at the bottom of this page. These Post rates can be reduced considerably If you get together with friends and combine your order, especially overseas.  Please send me a mail before you order If you wish to take advantage of this.  I love to try and help you save money. 

For one EASY SWING pack.

£20.95 +£4.30 Recorded and signed for first class postage throughout the UK.  

Price & shipping rates for other countries listed below.

All EU Countries   £20.95 + £8.70  Recorded tracked and signed for first class  3-5 day delivery.

North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand £20.95 + £9.95 Recorded, tracked & signed for first class delivery.

Other countries please call for shipping rates.

This is the video that I made myself at my second home Corfe Castle in Dorset. 

Below is a guide on shipping price for more than one EASY SWING to different countries.  Please contact us at Detectorbits for our paypal details If ordering in Quantity.

1 – 4 EASY SWINGS  for UK Delivery by Royal Mail signed for First class next day.   £4.30 Total

1 – 8 EASY SWINGS  for UK    ”               ”                  ”     £ 6.55 Total

TO  EU & Most of EUROPE

1  x  EASY SWING  By Royal Mail Tracked and signed first class.   £8.70

2 x  EASY SWINGS         ”               ”       £10.15

3 x EASY SWINGS          ”                ”      £11.60     each additional pack adds  £1.45


1   x  EASY SWING    BY Royal Mail signed and to some countries tracked  first class    £9.95

2  x  EASY SWINGS           ”                ”                        ”      £12.45   each additional pack   add  £2.70