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    • £29.95

      Deteknix Leg Holster for Digger & Pinpointer

      The latest product from Deteknix. This is a very well made leg holster that will carry both your Pinpointer & Digging Knife (neither of which are included in the price) Price includes free delivery in the UK, extra postage will apply to ROI A brilliant idea which will take some of the weight off your waist belt and spread the load.   Items shown in the accompanied photo not included in the Holster Price....

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    • £7.95

      Easy Swing harness end pieces ( For Original Easy Swing)

      Please note this style Of Elastic end pieces fits the Original Easy Swing only. If you want a pack to fit the new MK 11 Easy swing with the flat profile Elastic please call. Because of continued Interest from Easy Swing users I have decided to offer a twin pack of spare Detecting Buddy end Elastics. People have been suggesting that it would be useful to be able to attach an end piece on each of their spare detectors.  I have made these myself from heavier elastic so that they can be used on even the largest and heaviest detectors such as the Minelab GPXs etc.  I have incorporated a Chromed metal dog clip...

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    • £25.25

      The new MK 11 Easy Swing Bungee Harness.

      The MK 11 Easy Swing Bungee Harness will bring the joy back into your detecting and at the same time help protect against arm, wrist and shoulder fatigue and evils such as tennis elbow. This is the latest version of the Easy Swing Bungee Harness designed and distributed by ourselves at Detectorbits. Basically, the only major change with this version is we have swapped the old round bungee elastic on the end of the harness for an equally as strong flat elastic that lends itself better to more robust stitching in the manufacturing process. The stitching on the old round bungee cord occasionally let us down. It was never a major problem but it...

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