Easy Swing harness end pieces ( For Original Easy Swing)

Easy Swing harness end pieces ( For Original Easy Swing)


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Please note this style Of Elastic end pieces fits the Original Easy Swing only.
If you want a pack to fit the new MK 11 Easy swing with the flat profile Elastic please call.

Because of continued Interest from Easy Swing users I have decided to offer a twin pack of spare Detecting Buddy end Elastics. People have been suggesting that it would be useful to be able to attach an end piece on each of their spare detectors.  I have made these myself from heavier elastic so that they can be used on even the largest and heaviest detectors such as the Minelab GPXs etc.  I have incorporated a Chromed metal dog clip instead of the standard plastic one.  I have also used a waterproof glue lined heat shrink tube to cover the joins, so no expense spared.

We had quite a lot of issues with the original bungee end through breakage of the rubber caused by the piece of curly metal that the designer had used to hide the stitching.  We immediately had a fresh batch made using Heat shrink tubing instead of the metal which solved the problem.  What few breakages reported since then have been proved to nearly always be caused by users snagging the elastic on something sharp themselves.   This latest design of mine will hopefully be total overkill in terms of strength so problems should be non existent.

Please call If you would like a special length made to order.  The one offered is normal Bungee length and uses a 6mm Bungee elastic

I have now started making an end piece more suitable for use on lightweight detectors using 4mm elastic and a lot shorter in length. These are packed in threes for the same price. Please email or call us If you would like these instead of the heavier grade.


Price for twin pack  7.95 inc free shipping by Royal mail second class post.  Overseas please call or email for a postal price for your country.
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