GOG Original Headphones.

GOG Original Headphones.


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Product Description

These headphones are built by hand in the UK by Gordon Heritage, expert detectorist and co presenter of the recently aired Hoard Hunters television programme. Gordon uses the finest quality components available, no expense spared. The speakers used give a sound range perfectly matched to the human ear. The lead is super strong and should, with care, give years of reliable use.

GOG Originals are designed to work with most detectors.  These are fitted with a 1/4″ stereo jack plug, volume control and have a three position switch to  suit various makes of detectors.  A few detectors, mostly Garretts  are made using a different headphone connection other than the normal 1/4″ jack so are not suitable. Detectors that take the smaller 3.5mm jack plug can simply be converted in size using an adapter from somewhere like Maplins or Radio shack.

Switch positions

The up position switches the headphones to their “MONO” setting, making them work on detectors using a mono connection, such as Minelab Explorers and Etracs.
The middle position is the CTX 3030 position. This is also a mono position, but has an additional circuit which silences the external speaker of the detector once connected.
The down position is the stereo position, which is used in detectors using a stereo connection, such as Non-Minelab makes like Fisher.
To use turn the volume control fully anti clockwise. Plug the jack plug into your metal detector, and select the right switch position for your detector. Once the detector has started. adjust the volume control clockwise while swinging the coil over a test target until a comfortable volume is attained. On most minelab detectors this will be the maximum clockwise position, and then fine adjustment should be made on the machines volume limits menu adjustment.

All Gog phones are guaranteed free of manufacturing defects for the life of the headphones. Our leads, switches and volume controls are guaranteed for 12 months.
Breakages due to misuse are NOT warrantied. Ear cushions are NOT covered by our warranty unless it can be proved to be a manufacturing fault. By their very nature the ear cushions will deteriorate with use, hardening over time. Replacement cushions will be available to Gog phone users at £18 per pair plus postage.

Additional Information

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