Useful links and reference

Glenacres Nursery – Our Family business run by Tony & Gwen Hunt with help from our two full time staff Andrea & Julian assisted by Martin & Nancy – an ideal cash and carry source of plants for Landscapers and gardeners.

The Searcher – Top detecting magazine for the worlds most fascinating hobby

John Winter’s blog – Outstanding in his field the online scribblings of a metal detectorist

Minelabowners  forum – A place for Minelab owners to meet and discuss their machines

UK&Europe Metal Detecting Forum – a place for detectorists using all makes of detector can visit and discuss detecting and their detectors. – Detecting videos, detecting stuff, blogs etc.  based in North America.

Relic-Hunter- magazine –   A worldwide online digital metal detecting magazine.

Garys Detecting –  Detector & equipment reviews plus a forum for detectorists using all makes of detector.