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Metal Buttons c.900BC - c.AD1700
Metal Buttons c.900 BC c.AD 1700. 2nd edition by Brian Read This book examines and identifies metal button-like objects and buttons dating between 900 BC & 1700 AD and are subjected to a detailed manufactory analysis, each being described in both text & illustrations. Although not foolproof, this information...
Finds Identified ** NEW 2018 **
NOW IN STOCK This is proving to be a very popular choice, we have sold over 50 so far !! A4 HARDBACK - ONLY 30 + 2.50 P&P (UK PRICE) FINDS IDENTIFIED An illustrated guide to metal detecting and archaeological finds Possibly the most comprehensive finds identification book ever published. The Team at...
Medieval Collection
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SPINK Coins of England 2019 ** NEW IN STOCK **
NOW IN STOCK Spink Coins of England and the United Kingdom 54th Edition 2019 (Includes both pre and post decimal volumes) Coins of England and the United Kingdom remains the only reference work which features every major coin type from Celtic to the present day with accurate market values for every coin...
Identifying Roman Coins
Identifying Roman Coins - Richard Reece & Simon James Anyone who finds Roman coins, collects or studies them, will find this book an invaluable guide. Identifying Roman Coins is an easy to use, visual recognition guide to help identify Roman coins. The authors' chronological presentation identifies major...
How To Find Britains's Buried Treasure Hoards
How to Find Britain's Buried Treasure Hoards How to find Britains Buried Treasure Hoards by David Villanueva Every detectorist dreams of finding a hoard and this new book by celebrated author David Villanueva will increase your chances of doing so. The rich history of the British Isles has led to the...
Buttons & Fastners
Buttons & Fasteners 500 BC-AD 1840 by Gordon Bailey Buttons are now part of our daily lives, but few people realise they have a history stretching back over 2,500 years with buttons being used in the late Bronze Age and the Celts using bronze cloak toggles even before the Roman Invasion of Britain in...
British Artefacts Volume 1
British Artefacts Vol 1 - Early Anglo-Saxon by Brett Hammond. British Artefacts Volume 1 - Early Anglo-Saxon by Brett Hammond The early Anglo-Saxon period is of immense importance to the later history of Britain. It saw the changeover from British-speaking provinces dominated by Roman power and culture...
Buckles 1250 - 1800
Buckles 1250 - 1800 (inc. price guide) by Ross Whitehead With over 800 illustrations this book is intended to help with the identification of buckles which are by far the largest category of medieval and post medieval dress accessory to survive. The author has sought to obtain a balance between common...
The Tribes & Coins of Celtic Britain
The Tribes & Coins of Celtic Britain by Rainer Pudill & Clive Eyre The Celts left no written records and the only historical accounts we have of them derive mainly from Roman writers. This makes archaeological finds all the more important and Celtic coins, in particular, unique as sources of information....
Successful Detecting Sites
Successful Detecting Sites Successful sites, according to most metal detectorists, are those with the potential to produce large quantities of quality coins and artefacts from all periods; Bronze Age to modern. Using rare 18th & 19th century sources, David Villanueva has drawn on over 30 years experience...
Site Research
Site Research by David Villanueva Site research, it seems, is one of the more neglected aspects of our hobby. Why should one field be productive of finds year after year and yet the next field be totally barren? The answer is past human activity, and David Villanueva shows in this book simple ways, through...
Roman Buckles & Military Fittings
Roman Buckles & Military Fittings Was 25, now only 20! The history of Britain is intimately tied up with the Roman army which for almost 400 years kept most of this island Roman. Much of the story of the soldiers who lived, fought and died for Rome here, can today only be reconstructed from the remnants...
Pottery in Britain
Pottery in Britain by Lloyd Laing "Clay is an exceptionally versatile material. It can be made into many useful and beautiful objects, decorated in a splendid variety of ways and, if exposed to high temperatures, made into pottery. Both rich and poor have used pottery since the Stone Age, so the way...
Identifying Metal Artefacts
Identifying Metal Artefacts by Brian Read Formerly published as "Metal Artefacts of Antiquity , now re-printed as a great aid to identification and dating of metal detecting finds. This is a well-researched and illustrated title from Brian Read and contains hundreds of archaeological quality line drawing,...
A History of Medieval Coinage in England
A History of Medieval Coinage in England by Richard Kelleher NEW BOOK - Published September 2015 This book is an excellent reference guide to identifying medieval coins. Containing over 530 beautiful colour photographs together with a comprehensive listing of mints, moneyers and denominations for all...
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