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Medieval Collection
Buy all 3 Medieval Books, about Artefacts and Coins for the special price of; 53.00 with Free UK Delivery
Detecting Sites & Site Research
Buy both of these useful books on how to research and find your detecting sites. Special price of; 35.00 with Free UK Delivery
Artefact Books by Nigel Mills
Buy all 3 Artefacts Books by Nigel Mills for the special price of; 39.50 with Free UK delivery
British Artefacts Vol 1, 2 & 3
Buy all 3 British Artefacts Books for the Special Price of; 40.00 with Free UK delivery
Detector Finds Book Set 1-7
Buy the complete set of Detector Finds Books 1 -7 and make a saving of 25.00 ! 83.50 with Free UK Delivery
SPINK Coins of England 2018
NOW IN STOCK UK P&P Free via Royal Mail Spink Coins of England and the United Kingdom 53rd Edition 2018 (Includes both pre and post decimal volumes) Coins of England and the United Kingdom remains the...
Identifying Roman Coins
Identifying Roman Coins - Richard Reece & Simon James Anyone who finds Roman coins, collects or studies them, will find this book an invaluable guide. Identifying Roman Coins is an easy to use, visual...
How To Find Britains's Buried Treasure Hoards
How to Find Britain's Buried Treasure Hoards NEW NOV 17 - NOW IN STOCK 20.00 Add to cart How to find Britains Buried Treasure Hoards by David Villanueva NOW IN STOCK Every detectorist dreams of finding...
Buttons & Fastners
Buttons & Fasteners 500 BC-AD 1840 by Gordon Bailey 16.50 Add to cart Buttons are now part of our daily lives, but few people realise they have a history stretching back over 2,500 years with buttons being...
British Artefacts Volume 1
British Artefacts Vol 1 - Early Anglo-Saxon by Brett Hammond. 16.50 Add to cart British Artefacts Volume 1 - Early Anglo-Saxon by Brett Hammond The early Anglo-Saxon period is of immense importance to...
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