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Searcher Spade Bag
Purchasing one these Searcher Spade Bags will; keep your car upholstery clean prevent mud from being dropped in the house make transporting your spade much easier protect other items in your car from the...
Searcher Finds Pouch
This high quality finds pouch has 5 pockets varying in size and capacity and includes one zipped pocket. Adjustable belt which can be worn either around the waist or around the shoulder. Folds flat for...
Searcher Finds Pod
The Searcher Finds Pod keeps your finds safe and protected. Protective sponge can be soaked with water so that your newly made finds do not dry up and can aid cleaning them too. The sponge can be rinsed...
Quest Baseball Cap
OFFICIAL QUEST BASEBALL CAP In the Quest orange and black, nice sturdy cap with a rigid peak to it, but mesh at the side and back for more comfort. If you purchase any of the Quest Detectors or Pro Headphones...
Metal Detector Carry Bag
A sturdy shoulder carry bag, ideal for transporting your dirty, muddy machines after use. All Quest and Deus Machines fit perfectly folded up. Made in plain black waterproof nylon material that washes...
Minelab FBS Control Box Cover
A very nice Control box cover with Velcro fixings to fit the Minelab FBS range of Metal Detectors. Explorers (all models) Etrac Safari Quattros 16.00 Free Shipping
Finds Pouch
Sturdy finds pouch made in plain black waterproof nylon material, to fit around waist with an adjustable belt (48" long) 2 deep zipped pockets and a further 2 other smaller pockets with no zips. Measures...
Quest control box cover
A very nice Control box cover with Velcro fixings to fit the Quest range of Metal Detectors. The Quests being waterproof to heavy rain do not need covers as such but the covers give excellent protection...
Quest/Deteknix Camo Finds Pouch
Deteknix Camo Finds Pouch. Two Zippered Pockets , one deep one for placing scrap etc the other smaller inside pocket for other items you wish to keep seperate. Strong 55" webbing belt with quick release...
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