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Minelab Lower Shaft
Having a spare lower shaft is ideal for keeping your spare coil ready to go, making a fast, efficient changeover whilst out in the field. For the Equinox 600 or 800. 32.99 (inc FREE delivery in mainland...
Equinox Control Box Cover - Black Or Red
Available in either Red or Black Provide additional protection to your Minelab EQUINOX control box with this stylish and hard wearing cover from The Searcher. Prevent those scuffs and marks from appearing...
Minelab Equinox Magnetic Charge Cable
A spare or replacement EQUINOX USB charging cable. It features a handy snap-on magnetic connector, so the charging contacts can be easily wiped clean or dried after detecting in water. Can be connected...
Minelab 11" Equinox DD Coil Cover
Minelab Equinox 11" Coil Cover Coil cover for standard 11 inch EQX011 Equinox search coil (600 & 800) Please note: if you are buying a new EQX11 search head, this cover is supplied free of charge, Suitable...
Minelab Equinox 6" Coil
The waterproof 6 inch round Double-D is very sensitive to small targets, and perfect for finding treasure in high trash areas. It is also ideal for detecting in difficult terrain. A protective skidplate...
Minelab Equinox Waterproof Headphones
Waterproof headphones with EQUINOX connector. Can also be connected to a WM 08 Wireless Audio Module. 129.95 with free UK shipping. We can only deliver to UK addresses only.
Minelab X-Terra 10.5" 18.75KH DD Coil
Minelab X-terra 10.5" 18.75KHz DD search coil Overview This coil best combination of ground cover and sensitivity to small gold & silver. Widely considered to be the best all round coil for X-Terras. Suitable...
Minelab FBS 11"Pro Coil
Minelab FBS 11" pro coil This coil as fitted as standard to the E-Trac & Explorer SE Pro and replaces standard coils on previous FBS models. It is Lighter which significantly improves balance. Sensitivity...
Minelab CTX 3030 17" Coil
Minelab CTX3030 17" DD widescan search head Perfect for covering large areas quickly or achieving supreme depth when searching for large deep objects such as coin hoards etc. Suitable for Minelab CTX3...
Minelab Cap
Genuine Minelab Baseball Cap One size fits all. 20.00 Free Shipping (uk only) UK DELIVERY ONLY
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