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Minelab 11" Pro Coil Cover
MINELAB CTX3030 11" PRO COIL COVER Clips over 11"" pro coil base to protect from damage and wear when in use. Note, if you are buying a new 11" Pro Coil, this cover will be included free of charge. TO...
Minelab Cap
Genuine Minelab Baseball Cap One size fits all. 20.00 Free Shipping (uk only)
Minelab Etrac Armrest Kit
MINELAB FBS ARM CUP (ARM REST) KIT Arm cup kit comprising of arm cup, strap & fixing bolt. SUITABLE FOR: Minelab E-trac Minelab Explorer - All models Minelab Safari Minelab Quattro 29.00 Free Shipping...
Minelab Etrac Battery Charger
MINELAB BATTERY CHARGER TO FIT: Minelab FBS 1600 & 1800 batteries (std batteries for E-Trac, Explorer, Safari & Quattro) Minelab Sovereign Elite & GT rechargeable Batteries Minelab Musketeer Advantage...
Minelab Etrac Box Cover
GENUINE MINELAB ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL BOX COVER FOR MINELAB E-TRAC Ideal accessory to keep your E-trac control box looking like new. Keep away the effects of the elements, sunlight and pressing buttons...
Minelab Finds & Trash Pouch
Genuine Minelab Finds & Trash Pouch - latest design! High quality finds pouch with 5 pockets in total, and a webbing tool slot on either side. The upper part of the pouch is formed into a large loop for...
Minelab Koss Headphones
Built by Koss for Minelab. Large comfortable head set with long curly lead and 1/4inch gold plated jack plug. Designed for Minelab but work well with all metal detectors. 65.00 Free Shipping (uk only)
Minelab NIMH 1600ma Rechargeable Battery
MINELAB E-TRAC NICKEL METAL HYDRIDE (NIMH) 1600MA RECHARGEABLE BATTERY Genuine Minelab standard rechargeable battery SUITABLE FOR: Minelab E-trac, Minelab Explorer - all Models Minelab Safari Minelab Quattro...
Minelab Pro Find Pinpointer
Last one reduced to clear M i nelab Pro-find 25 Pinpoint Probe Overview The PRO-FIND 25 pinopinter assists in accurately locating targets at the point of extraction where a metal detector coil cannot fit....
Minelab Pro Swing Bungee
Pro Swing 45 Bungee overview The innovative new metal detector harness from Minelab offers the ultimate in comfort and weight distribution to allow you many more hours of fatigue free detecting. features...