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QUEST Black Budget Huntmate pinpointer.
QUEST Black Budget Huntmate pinpointer.
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This is the new Quest Budget Huntmate Pinpointer in Black .   As good as the Xpointer in the field, some say better, the only difference is its only splash proof instead of having the great water resistance that the standard Xpointer land has.  

This one is a different shape also, but it fits the hand perfectly. It has a sensitivity knob that can be  finely tuned to suit the ground conditions at the time whereas most other pointers, XPointer included just have a four position switch.

The Huntmate is available in a choice of two colours, Camo or Black.  This is the black listing It ships with a well-made belt holster and to get you started a free 9v battery.


.  3 Alarm mode. Audio / Vibration / Audio + Vibration.

.  Adjustable sensitivity.

.  Ergonomic ribbed sides.

.  3 minutes standby alarm.

.  Durable buttons.

.  LED Flashlight.

.  Lightweight.

.  Comfortable bar design.

.  Free belt holster.

.  Free 9v battery.

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Huntmate Pin Pointer tested
A strange thing happened about two years ago, all the pin pointers I had in the boot if the car were either broken or malfunctioning in some way! I had a New "Huntmate" that came with a detector but the day I tried it, it didn't turn on. So I put it away and thought it useless? But, like I said, a day came and I had to look for it as it was my last resort. I found it, put in a new battery and it worked! Not only did it just 'work', it was good and the adjustable sensitivity was perfect for de-tuning near big targets but it's light was the brightest I had seen to illuminate inside a dark hole in certain light conditions. And, the more I used it, it dawned on me that it didn't give off any interference to several detector models I used over the course of many months. I eventually sold it as a freebie with a detector and weeks later the guy called me up saying "It's the best pin pointer I have used!" So there, it might be cheap but that doesn't mean poor quality. I miss having one and will probably order another one!"
Desi Dunne
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