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Wirefree Transmitter Unit for Headphones AT GARRETT Series
This listing is for the new 2018 updated Deteknix transmitter unit only, (new longer battery life of approx 23hrs) for making your own favourite headphones work wire free, on any Garrett AT Series Metal Detector. The cables are now a plug in USB style rather than attached as before. The picture here...
Wirefree Transmitter Unit for QUEST/DETEKNIX Headphones
This listing is for the transmitter unit only, with a 6.35mm jack plug on a USB charge cable, for making your own favourite headphones wireless. This transmitter is the new 2018 updated version with the longer life battery, lasting approx 23hrs. Ideal if you have lost or damaged this part of your kit...
Wirefree Receiver Unit for QUEST/DETEKNIX Headphones
This listing is for the receiver unit only, for making your own favourite headphones wireless. Ideal if you have lost or damaged this part of your kit and just looking to replace the receiver only, so you don't have to buy it all. Or if you simply want a spare in case of emergencies or for using on a...
Quest HD DEUS WS4 Wireless unit Compatible Headphones.
FREE In UK Next Working Day Shipping with this product Are you looking for a perfect solution to convert your WS4 into an over-ear style with an affordable price? Look no further than the Deteknix WireFree HD headset. Simply push the module into the HD and you are ready to go. No tools required to switch...
Garrett AT series version - Wirefree your own headphone kit.
This is Deteknix Garrett AT series Wireless your own favourite Headphone kit. Comes with Transmitter fitted with special Garrett connection plug and a Receiver fitted with a standard 6.35mm jack socket. C/W with two charging cables, mini USB to USB for charging in an AC wall socket or a 12v car cigarette...
QUEST/Deteknix new 2018 Wire free Headphones set.
The latest RF 2.4 Wireless Headphones from QUEST/ DETEKNIX. The Wirefree headphones are designed to be used on any detector that has a normal headphone jack socket of 3.5mm or 6.35mm. An adapter is included in the kit to fit either size. We will also have adapters available on a separate listing to fit...
GARRETT AT Lite Version Deteknix Wireless Headphones.
The latest R T F Wire Free Headphones from DETEKNIX. This is the Garrett AT Version. This Wireless Headset is designed to be used on all versions of the Garrett AT series of Detectors only and is proving very popular with owners. The Foldable headphones have volume control and come in a nice zippered...
Garrett AT series Headphone adapter cable.
This Adapter is another alternative If you wish to use the Deteknix Wireless Headphone set on any of the Garrett AT Series detectors. This Adapter gives you the option to use the Deteknix headset on other detectors you may own also as well as the AT series. If you only intend to use the Wireless Headset...
QUEST/Deteknix W3 Pro Rechargeable Wireless Headphones
LAST REMAINING FEW The 2.4 Rechargeable Wireless Headphones from QUEST/Deteknix. This is the Pro version of the smaller and cheaper Lite W3. The W3 has the smaller 3.5mm jack plug on the transmitter plus an adapter to take the size upto 6.35mm which gives a complete choice on different make detectors....
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