The name says it all. This site is for detectorists looking for accessories and add-ons for their detectors and to make detecting easier and more fun. We operate mostly online which helps to keep overheads to a minimum and helps keep prices down.   Visitors are welcome to our premises by appointment any time, just call 01202 870079.

We enjoy detecting, not just the excitement of finds but also the whole experience of getting out in the countryside in beautiful places. We are out and about detecting all year round, maybe we’ll meet you sometime.

Here at Detectorbits, through having been involved in the hobby so long we recognise what works and what doesn't work for users. For many years I have personally suffered from tennis elbow made worse by detecting in heavy stubble. I looked at all the bungee options available and decided they all had something lacking or in some cases they had too much, in the way of strapping & buckles which made them uncomfortable to wear. I set to and designed the EASY SWING and had it made as simply and as cheaply as possible. We now have many hundreds of happy & pain free users in many countries.

Detectorbits are now main Dealers in the UK & Ireland for Quest Detectors and accessories like Pin Pointers and Wireless headphones.  We are now also Minelab dealers carrying all their popular products. 

We are currently working with our suppliers on some very new and exciting products that will help to make the hobby of detecting even easier & more enjoyable in the future, please watch this space.

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