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Medieval Collection
Buy all 3 Medieval Books, about Artefacts and Coins for the special price of; 53.00 with Free UK Delivery
Detecting Sites & Site Research
Buy both of these useful books on how to research and find your detecting sites. Special price of; 35.00 with Free UK Delivery
Artefact Books by Nigel Mills
Buy all 3 Artefacts Books by Nigel Mills for the special price of; 39.50 with Free UK delivery
British Artefacts Vol 1, 2 & 3
Buy all 3 British Artefacts Books for the Special Price of; 40.00 with Free UK delivery
Detector Finds Book Set 1-7
Buy the complete set of Detector Finds Books 1 -7 and make a saving of 25.00 ! 83.50 with Free UK Delivery
Our new Super Red Headphones. They were designed & made by Tony Maz from Wales calling on his long time experience making Quality headphones. Tony has come out of retirement to make these phones exclusively...
Budget Headphones
A budget set of headphones with modern styling giving a lightweight design and softear cups for comfort. Featuring a single-sided cable, they're ideal for a range of uses including metal detectors (a plug...
Finds Pouch
Sturdy finds pouch made in plain black waterproof nylon material, to fit around waist with an adjustable belt (48" long) 2 deep zipped pockets and a further 2 other smaller pockets with no zips. Measures...
QUEST/Deteknix W3 Pro Rechargeable Wireless Headphones
The very latest 2.4 Rechargeable Wireless Headphones from QUEST/Deteknix. This is the Pro version of the smaller and cheaper Lite W3. The W3 has the smaller 3.5mm jack plug on the transmitter plus an adapter...
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